My first month at Bunny Studio: a distributed-first company

+65 employees in 18 countries in a mission to team up the world’s best creatives

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Great! Now tell me about your first month

Vladinho shared on Slack a message that a new product designer was joining our fluffle that day.
Announcement on Slack about my arrival with 3 curious/weird facts about me (Screenshot from 18th January)
Screenshot of the onboarding page on Confluence.
Screenshot of the Confluence Day 1 of onboarding
Screenshot of the Product Onboarding Checklist

“We will review market rates and declined candidate offers to determine what adjustment will be needed.” Maika Hoekman, Head of People Operations

Phoebe, a fictional character from the series Friends, with a surprised face saying Wow!
Screenshot of the meet the team experience proposal on Confluence
Gif of the post I’ve shared with all the answers
Serious and cute cat with a paper bag on its face with wholes in the eye and mouth

“If you would not be working remotely, you would also not have a paper bag over your head during a meeting, would you? You can choose a webcam from your computer or an external one.” — Maika Hoekman, Head of People Operations

Sponge Bob excited

We are crazy about self-development and take every opportunity we can to learn. Every failure, victory, difficult conversation, and instance of feedback are a chance for us to learn and improve on a daily basis. If we fail, we take ownership of our mistakes, reflect on them and learn. If we succeed we ensure we celebrate this and share our achievements with others. — Bunny’s Values

Example of a conversation using gifs
Screenshot of our team's time zone

Ok, now my challenges




A permanent work in progress | Product Designer |

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