10 AI tools that can streamline tasks and save you time

Laís Lara Vacco
2 min readFeb 6, 2023


Dall-e generated image. Prompt: A plush cute robot amazed looking at the camera

As AI technology advances, it’s becoming easier for designers to find virtual assistants that can help with various tasks.

💡 Here are 10 AI tools that can streamline tasks and save you time:

1. Generate content and brainstorm ideas:

2. Discover your favorite colors, new palettes, and visualize them in different ways:

3. Remove image backgrounds quickly and for free (if you don’t have Photoshop):

4. Convert hand-drawn sketches into designs or turn screenshots into editable design mockups:

5. Create 3D assets from photos or videos based on real-world scenes:

6. Enhance & upscale images

7. Build a website in 30 seconds

8. Edit videos within a browser with dozens of AI-powered tools

9. Create images using Midjourney, Dall-E, and others in a single Discord:

Turing AI Server at Discord.

Type those prompts to start using each AI:

ChatGPT uses it in chat-gpt with `/chat`
Stable Diffusion use it in stable-diffusion with `/stable-diffusion`
Dall-e 2 use it in dall-e with `/dall-e`
Midjourney use it in midjourney with `/imagine`

10. Easily find apps that can solve your specific needs in different contexts

For example, for Product, SEO, prompt writing, etc.

Thanks, Cali (Renato Caliari) for showing me some of these tools ❤